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The Noetic Master Model™ at a Global Investment Bank

The Customer and Challenge

Our client, one of Central America’s largest investment banks, investment managers and private bankers, operated its massive portfolio and operation on a legacy 1990’s era platform. An extremely successful investment house and Mexican patriot, focused on the development of Mexico’s communities and infrastructure. The technology was the primary limiting factor to its ambitions to develop new products and services, grow market share and improve profitability.

The Solution

The management team contacted Noetic and asked to evaluate the Noetic Master Model™, based upon a recent referral. Noetic engaged to provide a model overview, and to conduct a quick assessment of the business requirements and legacy platform limitations that the model may solve. The team walked through use cases for plain vanilla securities processing as well as several, more complex fixed income and derivatives challenges. The model’s product, account, portfolio and performance attribution features were well-suited for the core business, and also supported its nascent Prime Brokerage

Noetic prepared a data strategy, a platform architecture, and identified a series of issues, risks, and opportunities. It developed a roadmap to deliver the core components of an agile cloud-based platform that could support the full range of businesses our client operates in and outside of Mexico. Noetic also recommended a series of non-invasive data management and data governance procedures to provide controls for business management.

Results and Future Plans

The client worked with Noetic to implement the Noetic Master Model™ to replace its legacy platform from end to end. In the first phase, the team implemented the new mutual fund investment platform, as Mexico’s first domestic retail investment solution for Mexicans. Next, the team developed pre-trade account, portfolio and instrument setups, transaction and post trade processors, and reporting and analytic solutions. Finally, Noetic helped Mexico define the policies and procedures needed to curate the information required to operate the firm and remain compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.


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