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Streamlining Complementary Acquisitions Post IPO

The Customer and Challenge

Our client is one of the world's leading financial market analysts, producing thousands of customized indexes and analytics used daily by thousands of sophisticated investors around the world. The firm had acquired a number of complementary businesses in the ten years since its IPO, and wasn’t sure whether to integrate its businesses or remain agile for the next acquisition.

The Solution

Noetic engaged to conduct a quick assessment of the issues, risks, and opportunities. In several weeks time, it prepared a data strategy that identified the core components for an ideal Index and Analytic platform that could support the full range of businesses. Noetic also recommended a series of non-invasive data management and data governance procedures to provide controls for business management.

Results and Future Plans

Our client decided to pursue a conservative platform strategy, and implemented several of Noetic’s recommendations to launch a big data platform, to upgrade servers and to improve internal Reference and Master data services.


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