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Data governance at London Stock Exchange Group

The Customer and Challenge

LSEG is a large information product and market infrastructure firm that operates markets and market utilities around the world and produces financial market analytics for investors, market makers and regulators. The company has been in business for more than 400 years, and is British cultural icon.

It recently acquired several large index and analytics companies, including Russell Indexes, YieldBook, and Mergent from different parts of the world and with different market orientations and was attempting to integrate them with its flagship FTSE index brand.

The management team faced several business challenges, including business, product and cultural integrations. From the business and product angle, it needed to integrate complex production platforms that delivered daily market indexes to more than 95% of investors in the world.

Culturally, it needed to align and organize management teams from a wide range of companies and diverse markets into a cohesive team.

The Solution

In the first month, the Noetic team conducted a discrete, targeted assessment of enterprise and product data infrastructures, including FTSE Russell, Yieldbook, Mergent, The London Clearinghouse and The LSE and other financial exchanges.

Noetic concluded that each of the company’s “technology-driven” businesses was, in fact, a data-driven business. Using the assessment as a guide, Noetic prepared a canonical data model and supporting analysis using business data from each of the divisional products and services. With the model and assessment in hand, Noetic helped management develop and recommended an enterprise data strategy, data governance framework and data platform architecture.

After Noetic delivered the recommendations and helped launch the data governance program, the customer announced the acquisition of Refinitiv, one of the worlds largest financial data companies. It leveraged the new data architecture to develop its platform integration solution, and, after an extensive evaluation, selected the Noetic Master Model for its coverage and rich detail to power its new information platform.

Results and Future Plans

The new information platform is built to scale and support real-time views of all listed and unlisted instruments offered on global markets. The group also plans to learn to handle pre- and post-trade data processing and management for the ever-changing markets businesses.

Noetic worked closely with the global platform team to support the integration of several Index brands and more than 150 Refinitiv data products using the model. It helped business sponsors and partners deliver operational Data Governance to support Index and Analytics for financial markets and instruments, issuers and pricing.


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